Chubb is a leading provider of Security
and Fire Safety solutions for businesses
and industry nationwide




Making Your World a Safer Place

One hundred and ninety-five years of history and innovation have made Chubb into a global leader in security and fire protection. Our systems are used at the highest levels of government, defence, banking and top industrial and commercial companies. The name of Chubb will always be one that customers can rely upon.

CCTV Monitoring Room

Electronic Security

Chubb provides security solutions including intruder, access control and CCTV systems, enhanced by rapid monitoring and response services. 

Fire Safety Systems

Chubb Fire offers fire safety products and services including fire extinguishers, fire detection, fire extinguishing systems, fire safety training & fire risk assessment.

Chubb Systems

Chubb Systems provides bespoke large-scale integrated fire and security solutions by bringing together our expertise in consultancy, design, technology, documentation and project management.