Escape Fire

Fire safety / escape fire

Escaping Fire

No fire safety strategy is complete without the final part of the plan - escaping fire safely.  Chubb offer a range of products and services to ensure a swift and safe evacuation from your premises in the event of an emergency.

fire safety signs

Fire safety signage is essential to direct staff, visitors and people who may not be familiar to your premises to a place of safety in the event of an emergency.

emergency lighting

Chubb can install, service and maintain emergency lighting to aid safe evacuation in the event of power failure to normal lighting.  Includes detailed guidance on the positioning of luminaires.

evacuation chairs

Evacuation Chairs are light and manoeuvrable and provide a safe and easy way to evacuate people with limited mobility from a building in an emergency situation.

Fire Safety Training, Customer using a fire extinguisher
fire safety training

Make sure that staff are fully trained on your procedures and what to do in the event of a fire to ensure a safe and swift evacuation from your premises.

Fire Marshal Armband
waistcoats and armbands

Our photoluminescent range of waistcoats and armbands clearly identify your fire marshals and fire wardens in your workplace in the event of a fire.

fire evacuation drills

Chubb can organise and invigilate a fire evacuation, monitor the performance and produce a full report on the evacuation procedures including recommendations.


Deafgard is a wire free, moveable, acoustically activated bedside unit that uses a vibrating pillow pad to alert the hard of hearing to a fire alarm activation.

public address / voice ALARM systems

It has been demonstrated that in the event of a fire, people respond better to a spoken word rather than traditional bells and sounders.  Chubb can add PA/VA to your fire detection systems.