Fire Extinguishers

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Chubb Fire extinguishers including a CO2, Water, Foam, Powder and Wet Chemical fire extinguisher

Fire Extinguishers

Tackling a small fire with a fire extinguisher may make the difference between a small incident and a full scale disaster.  Extinguishers are essential for the safety of your staff and visitors.  They can also help the preservation of property and ensure business continuity by not letting a small fire develop in to a major one.

Chubb's range of portable fire extinguishers bears the BSI kitemark and cover most areas of risk from the fabric of the building to high risk applications.

  • Kitemarked / BAFE approved range of BS EN3 extinguishers
  • Stamped with CE Mark
  • Installation to BS 5306-8: 2003 and Commissioning and Maintenance to BS 5306-3: 2009 
  • Quality audited by the British Standards Institution and own internal team

To read about Chubb's Extinguisher benefits and considerations follow this link

Chubb Water Fire Extinguisher close up
water fire extinguishers

Chubb water fire extinguishers are reliable and effective general purpose extinguishers, providing a cost effective solution for tackling freely burning material, such as paper, cloth, and wood.

Chubb foam fire extinguisher being used to extinguish a small petrol fire on a forecourt
foam fire extinguishers

Foam extinguishers are ideal for multi-risk environments, where the source of the fire could be freely burning solid materials, like wood & paper, or flammable liquids like petrol or diesel.

Chubb Powder fire extinguisher, a close up on the blue powder label
powder fire extinguishers

Chubb dry powder extinguishers are extremely versatile as they can tackle fires involving freely burning materials, petrol and oils, gas and even electrical equipment.

Chubb CO2 fire extinguisher close up
CO2 fire extinguishers

Chubb CO2 fire extinguishers are highly effective against fires involving electrical equipment like computers, photocopiers & generators.  Clean yet powerful, ideal for offices and workshops.

Chubb Fry Fighter extinguisher, a class F extinguisher being used to extinguish a small pan fire
fry fighter fire extinguishers

Chubb Fry Fighter is a class F wet chemical extinguisher that has been specifically developed to deal with cooking oil and deep fat fryer fires safely and effectively.

Chubb fire extinguisher engineer servicing a fire extinguisher
fire extinguisher service and maintenance

With a nationwide team of over 400 qualified fire extinguisher service engineers, Chubb Fire has the ability to service and maintain all types and makes of extinguishers.

Chubb stainless steel foam extinguisher close up
stainless steel / polished alloy extinguishers

Chubb's stainless steel and polished alloy fire extinguishers provide a stylish alternative to traditional red extinguishers in areas where aesthetics and appearance of a room is important.

fire extinguishing mobile trolley units 50 litre AFFF Foam Trolley Unit, Powder and CO2
mobile trolley units

For fire risks that demand a greater concentration of first-aid protection than can be provided by portable fire extinguishers, larger capacity trolley mounted fire extinguishers are available.

Double red fire stand with 2 fire extinguishers and extinguisher ID signage
fire stands

Fire extinguisher stands are most effectively used where an extinguisher cannot be wall mounted providing improved visibility of the location of an extinguisher in the case of an emergency.

condemned fire extinguishers at the Chubb fire extinguisher recycling unit
extinguisher recycling unit

Chubb Fire's Extinguisher Recycling Unit is a dedicated facility offering a service for the safe processing and recycling / disposal of fire extinguishers across the UK.

halon fire extinguishing system - a banned extinguishant
halon advice

Portable Halon 1211 (BCF) extinguishers have been banned because of the ozone depleting properties of the gas, however many thousands are likely to still exist.

fire extinguishers group shot close up
health and safety (coshh) datasheets

Download all of the health and safety COSHH datasheets for all our extinguishing agents used in Chubb fire extinguishers.